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Risk Warning: Your Capital is at Risk

WebTrader is a robust and fully functional web-based platform developed by experts with an in-depth knowledge of the nuance of trading.

WebTrader is created to provide a comprehensive and superior experience with cutting-edge tools and features, intuitive design and round the clock access to the global markets.

All you need is an Internet connection to start using FidelisCM’s Webtrader as it provides the easiest way to start trading anywhere, anytime on any operating system and browser without any Additional Downloads.

Why WebTrader?

Flexible on Mobile, Smartphones and Desktop

WebTrader is entirely supported by Android, Windows and iOS operating system. The browsers which could access the platform are:

Dynamic and user-friendly interface

WebTrader is the platform of choice for traders on the move as it frequently updates and keeps traders informed of real-time data about global events and market-influencing news which is available in different languages.

Easy access to advanced charts

Professional-grade of different types of charting tools in addition to elongated list of indicators provide vital statistics on the market trends on a single layout and permit traders to benefit from the market volatility as it unfolds.

TradeForex, CFDs, Futures, and Precious Metals

90% of orders executed within milliseconds. One-Click Trading which allows you to efficiently manage and monitor your trades.

Simple navigation

WebTrader is an entirely user-friendly platform which allows traders to navigate quickly between instruments by using either the modest search tool or browsing the category list of world-class assets.


How to get access to FidelisCM’s WebTrader?

– You can trade instantly on both demo and live accounts.

  • Access the terminal if you already have an account with FidelisCM, click here.
  • If you don’t have a FIdelisCM account click here.

FidelisCM’s WebTrader is MT4 or MT5?

FidelisCM’s WebTrader is MT4 trading platform. If you already have an existing FidelisCM MT4 trading account, click here.

Is MT5 WebTrader available on FidelisCM?

No, you need to have a FidelisCM MT4 trading account to trade on WebTrader. To open a FidelisCM MT4 trading account, click here.

Can I trade using my existing MT4 account?

Yes, you need to have FidelisCM’s existing live or demo account.

  • Access the terminal if you already have an account with FidelisCM, click here.
  • If you don’t have a FIdelisCM Trading account click here.

What instruments can I trade on FidelisCM’s WebTrader?

FidelisCM’s WebTrader MT4 platform allows you to trade on all the instruments that are available at FidelisCM including Forex, CFDs, Futures & Commodity.

Can I use FidelisCM’s WebTrader in Mobile or smartphones?

Yes, FidelisCM’s WebTrader is flexible for Mobile and Smart Phones.

Which Operating Systems does FidelisCM’s WebTrader supports?

FidelisCM’s WebTrader is easily accessible in all the Operating Systems including Windows, Android, and iOS.

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