More than just good investment opportunities

Get the best of technology with the right trading platforms. Follow some of the most successful trading strategies of experts and unlock excellent investment opportunities for yourself with FidelisCM trading platforms.


Robo-X packages the best strategies for forex trading in a simple and dynamic way to give you a smart strategy package that learns and evolves with your forex trading account. These strategy packages are bound by an algorithm that updates constantly, and allows you to diversify your forex portfolio with minimum time spent.

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Get The FidelisCM Advantage

Learn from the experts, follow their trading strategies, or choose to let them manage your investments for you.
Either way, FidelisCM offers you more than just good investment opportunities.

  • Retain complete control of your trades and expert selection.
  • Updated and completely transparent performance measurements.
  • No demo accounts, only live trading accounts of experienced traders.
  • Carefully selected experts with thorough check of trading histories before listing.

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